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Golf Quotes (and others)
A variety of quotes about the game.

Norfolk Zipper Club
Supporting Papworth Hospital.

Quotes page 2
Follows the above page.

Just a giggle.
Dereham Golf Club
Norfolk's premier nine-hole course.
A brief resume of herbal treatments.
Whiskey Page 1 - Scotch
A few of the best, graphics and text.
Air Weapons
A brief history.
Whiskey Page 2 - Irish
Not all fiery.
The truth behind the froth
Whiskey Page 3 - Indian
Never heard of it?
English Parliament
Why we should have one of our own.
Whiskey Page 4 - Miscellaneous whiskies
Canadian, American, Australian and Japanese.
Wymondham Motor Cycle Club Ltd.
Organise "feet up" trials.
Historic names
People who's names have become part of the language.
Golf Basics
Keep it simple.
Historic names - page 2
More than you think.
Attleborough site
A brief history.
Historic names - page 3
Still more.
Old Attleborough photographs
Loads a bit slowly.
Historic names - page 4
Let me know if I've missed any.
English pronounced
Ode to the English Language,
You will like this one.
An Introduction.
My son's page
Quality car body repairs.
The ultimate freedom
You're free to leave
From motorcycles to cars.
Car makers who started with motorcycles.
History of Mustard
Not just the yellow stuff.
History of Vinegar
From round the world.
Symposium on tobacco
As it says

Are you happy?
Difficult question

Special relationship with USA
What's special about it?
The truth

Independence for England
We need our own parliament

Passive smoking - the truth
The statisticsexposed


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